According to Article 9 of the Law on the Protection of Enterprises and Innovative Enterprises in STP, commercialization of innovations, inventions, research, technology and knowledge based companies can take the advantages of the legal benefits of free zones regarding to labor relations, tax exemptions, external investment charges, international financial transactions, and the followings:

  • Facilitating communication with research and development units of universities;
  • Use of common facilities and infrastructure to reduce costs;
  • Take advantages of communications with organizations;
  • Facilitating communication with academics and labor supply;
  • Take advantages of the adjacent units of technology;
  • Using seminars and workshops held in parks;
  •  Using privilege of joining to STP to make progress in market.
  • Governmental support of companies to boost activities;
  • Increasing the company's technical capacity in bids;
  • Bonuses of STP in mitigating bureaucratic procedures to attend in governmental organizations bids, 
  • Supporting national and International patents;
  • Support for registration of national and International brands;
  • Support in providing a business plan (BP);
  • Supports companies to comply with national and international standards and benchmarks;
  • Supporting internship programs in companies;
  • Take advantages of consulting services (legal, financial, marketing);
  • Supporting thesis and researches adaptive to companies’ technological requirements;
  • Support for attending tech-tours;
  • Support in visiting of national and international exhibitions;
  • Educational services.




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