According to Article 9 of the Law on the Protection of Enterprises and Innovative Enterprises and the Commercialization of Innovations and Inventions, research and technology companies based on science and technology can take advantage of the legal benefits of free zones in relation to labor relations, tax exemptions and external investment charges, and International financial transactions and the following:

  • Facilitating communication with university research and study institutes;
  • Use of common facilities and infrastructure and reduce costs;
  • Exploitation of communications with organizations;
  • Facilitate communication with academic and academic staff and labor supply;
  • Utilize the benefits of the adjacent units of technology together;
  • The use of seminars and workshops held at the park;
  • Finding a new credit standing in the form of attending science and technology park for market development;
  • Government support and trusted organizations from companies to expand their activities;
  • Increasing the company's technical score in tenders;
  • Use the capacity to leave the park tender procedures in concluding contracts with other government agencies;
  • Support for domestic and foreign patents;
  • Support for domestic and foreign trademark registration;
  • Support in preparing a justification plan;
  • Supporting the adoption of national and international standards and approvals;
  • Supporting students' internship in established companies;
  •  Benefit from consulting services (legal, financial, marketing);
  • Supporting the implementation of student dissertations related to specialized fields of companies;
  • Support for attending technology tours;
  • Supporting attendance at domestic and foreign exhibitions;
  • educational services.
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