The West Azarbaijan Science and Technology Park considers its existence philosophy as a "foundation for the production of wealth through science and technology." This institution, as one of the important pillars of the formation and development of knowledge-based economy, strives to provide the full support of knowledge-based companies and creativity through the proximity of its neighbors to 3 Asian and European countries and 7 national boundaries. Attracting investors, and providing commercialization and marketing opportunities for innovative and technological ideas, and will have a key role to play in helping their companies actively participate at national and international levels. In addition, the park is pointing out the ideas of technologists who have been left out of the way because of lack of support, in order to facilitate and operationalize the commercial attraction and exploitation of them.

Accordingly, culture-building, in line with the flourishing of creativity and innovation, tends to focus on the capacities of the elites of the province and to shift capital to entrepreneurship and wealth creation from its important values. In this regard, the Science and Technology Park in an effort Is to create centers of innovation and technology, including centers of growth in the provincial cities and activities in line with the upstream documents of the country and the province on the path of knowledge economy.

The encouragement of researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, and subsequent commercialization of research results, will create a vast array of talent identification, idea audits, and the evaluation of research achievements and ultimately specialized services in the field of park missions. It is with the efforts and cooperation of the respected personnel and with attention Emphasizing the vision of the West Azerbaijan's Science and Technology Park in becoming the corridor of science and technology in the region, this park is the source of the wealth of science and technology in the province.



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